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This is a virtual token of appreciation and  support for the project Act Madagascar.


When volunteers visited Madagascar for the 1st time, they found families living in extreme poverty, suffering from hunger and thirst. Without access to water, children used to bathe only when it rained.

Today, living in the midst of the greatest pandemic of our generation, the situation in Madagascar is urgent and thousands of children are at risk of severe malnutrition. The need for food and medical treatment has increased and the demand has never been higher. Malnutrition is at alarming levels since June/20.

Located on the island of Madagascar, the project Madagascar Action is based on the south of the island having Ambovombe as the main city for location reference. In small villages around this city, we find families living in extreme poverty, suffering from hunger and thirst. The focus of the FSW-CA project, Madagascar Action, is to help these families.



Fraternal hearts have come together to change the reality of Madagascar families. The Fraternity Without Borders Canada is embracing the community of Efotake. Our goal is to provide food for the children in this community, there are currently 170 children.

The monthly cost of this program is C$3,000. With only $20.00 per month you can transform a child’s life by providing much more than food. Through your contribution it is possible to give them dignity and the chance to dream of a better future.

Your monthly contribution will enable us to:

  • Provide 5 meals per week per child according to the nutritionists’ prescription necessary to treat the severe malnutrition, which includes, but not limited to, rice, beans, nutritional formulas before the meals according to the malnutrition severity of the child.
  • We monitor the children’s growth and weight gain to detect nutritional risk and intervene before the child becomes malnourished.

Much of the population in Efotake, a community in the South of the Island, has severe malnutrition, which presents itself in skeletal form or swelling, due to infections. Urgent treatment with nutritional formulas is required until they can resume normal eating.

As the number of donors grows, we intend to continue helping the community by extending the support to their families, not only with food but also with education, shelter, and professional development.


Fraternity Without Borders – Brazil initiated the activities in Madagascar in February of 2017. Since then, 2 community centres were built, both located at Ambovombe city.

Approximately 3,000 people receive food, have access to water for bathing, tooth brushing and to wash their clothes.

Additionally, there is a nutritional center at one of the community centres and with the dedication of health professionals, Fraternity Without Borders – Brazil is reviving the vitality of children with severe malnutrition.