“I am because we are.”

The feeling of fraternity is giving life to a new community, one that offers us the opportunity to dream together.

Imagine a place of peace and service, in which everyone sees themselves as brothers and sisters. This is Ubuntu Nation. It is being built next to a refugee camp in Malawi, and it sparks hope, inviting everyone to live joyfully in a peaceful new world.

The refugee camp has existed for 24 years, despite being built as a temporary measure in a moment of crisis. There is not enough food to go around, and the vast majority of children and young people have no access to education. There are no job opportunities within the camp, and refugees are not allowed to look for work outside its borders.

Our goal is to offer vulnerable children, young adults, Malawians and all 38,000 refugees in the camp a better quality of life through peaceful coexistence in our proposed Ubuntu Nation. As we work to present them with this proposal, we are listening carefully to their responses. We have already bought the land, and our next step is to build schools and workshops.

Ubuntu is being created as an act of love, and all hearts willing to love are invited to be part of the community, learning and helping to build it. Everything in it is for the greatest good: from education, to nourishment, to job training and workshops, to deepening the Ubuntu mindset.

The creation of the Ubuntu Nation community center is being coordinated by Clarissa, a volunteer devoted to Malawi. In September 2018, she was inspired to join forces with Fraternity Without Borders. Her selflessness and devotion to helping others have been of great benefit to the local community.

The Ubuntu Nation project envisions a new reality for refugees around the world. Yes, we want to change the world. We invite you to join us in forming a single global community.

Sponsor this cause. Help spread the word. Be a volunteer. Together, let’s sow fraternity.


The Houses of Heart Campaign was launched by the FWB to raise funds to enable the construction, and renovation of refugee families’ homes in Dzaleka Camp, Malawi, where we operate with the Ubuntu Nation project.