Each item is FWB's daily reminder of those who contribute to this cause of love.

Each item becomes a donation to FWB and a gift to the sponsored

The Fraternal Shop aims to contribute mainly to the values of FWB – Sustainability and Loyalty to Purpose.
Therefore, what is collected from sales is reversed in donations for our projects.
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At Fraternity Without Borders, we affectionately use “Gift Donation” for everything acquired in our Fraternal Shop. We understand that each item becomes a donation to the FWB and a gift to the recipient, even if purchased for yourself. Thus, what is collected by the Center collaborates directly with the administrative work of the FWB headquarters, allowing sponsorship to be directed to the Organization’s projects as much as possible. In addition, each “Gift Donation” is a reminder of the Fraternity Without Borders in the daily lives of those who contribute to this cause of love!

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Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship is a monthly donation for one or more projects. By being a sponsor, you help maintain and ensure the continuity of the humanitarian work of the Fraternity without Borders.