"I am because we are."

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The Ubuntu Nation project is located next to the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in the highlands, an hour away from the capital city of Lilongwe, Malawi. Currently, the camp has over 38,000 refugees, which keeps growing. Most of the refugees experienced a traumatic event before arriving at the camp, sometimes fighting for their survival and their children's survival. The refugee camp has existed for 24 years, despite being built as a temporary measure in a crisis. There is not enough food, and most children and young people have no access to education. The camp has no job opportunities, and refugees cannot look for work outside its borders.


FWB-CA is working with the project leadership to enhance the Ubuntu Choir. The Ubuntu Choir was created to musically stimulate the refugees by singing and playing an instrument, increasing their well-being and a sense of purpose and strengthening their mental health. One of the biggest challenges is the refugee'; need for authorization to work in the country, which makes it impossible for them to support themselves. Due to this situation, another goal of the choir is to provide its participants with some monthly supplies and financial aid. Each refugee is given 1 kg of soy meat, one soap bar, and CAD 4 per month. Unfortunately, more is needed for daily necessities. FWB-CA is engaging the Canadian community to sponsor 100 other participants in the next 24 months.

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Women refugees in Malawi need our help to feed their children. They are surviving in one of the world's poorest countries. War refugees, widows alone with their children, and women despair about getting what to eat and feed their children. In many cases, they must surrender to prostitution and suffer ill-treatment so that they do not starve. Currently, there are 234 mothers enrolled in the program.


In 2021, the capacity to accommodate children at Ubuntu School was expanded. It celebrated the graduation of 90 preschool students who went to primary school. With the opening of new classes, children could continue their studies, and new teachers were hired and received training and pedagogical training based on the method. Currently, there are 500 students enrolled in kindergarten and primary school, in addition to (60) babies in daycare. Children receive food, school supplies and school uniforms.



The fraternity coordinated the creation of the Ubuntu Nation community center Without Borders – Brazil. Since September 2018, volunteers have been working to develop the project. They offer vulnerable children, young adults, Malawians and refugees in the camp a better quality of life through peaceful coexistence in our proposed Ubuntu Nation. Currently, the choir has 120 participants and a waiting list. The rehearsals are held in the Project Ubuntu Nation (funded by Fraternity Without Borders – Brazil). The conductor, Raissa, a refugee from Congo, is the artistic coordinator of the Ubuntu Choir. The group performed at the Annual Tumaini Festival (an annual event of all nations in the Dzaleka's refugee camp). Performances will be ongoing as opportunities arise.

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