Humanitarian Mission to Malawi – Ubuntu Nation Project

What is a FWB Humanitarian Mission?

Guided by the values of the FWB, with the vision of "shaking the world" and enthrall people with the confidence that it is possible to make a better world through the action of good, the FWB Humanitarian Missions were born, which allow to live a fraternal experience that will be for always saved!

To live out the values of the FWB mission and contribute to transform lives, the humanitarian effort takes a sensitive, respectful, technical, and thoughtful approach in the places where the projects are located. Therefore, all activities are guided by ethical, values and transparency guidelines.

The humanitarian missions are voluntary and aim to offer participants a fraternal experience and encourage everyone to be an agent of change. In addition, it seeks to introduce participants to local realities, whether with their deficiencies and vulnerabilities as well as with the cultural and human treasures, such as the strength of the African people - who teach about humility and purity -, and of our Brazilian brothers. Therefore, we will serve our brothers and sisters through the donation of affection, discipline, respect, cooperation, and compassion to serve our brothers.

The humanitarian missions are supplementary to the projects carried out by the FWB. Thus, they are organized with the participation of sponsors interested in volunteering work, according to their area of knowledge, technical, personal, or professional skills. It is important to point out that, to participate in the humanitarian missions, it is necessary to be a sponsor of one of the organization's projects.

The humanitarian activities carried out in the mission is entirely voluntary and aims to experience the most genuine fraternity, among other values, without any discrimination or prejudice. For this, some conducts are important, including not smoking, not drinking alcoholic beverages, not donating money directly to the assisted people, and other conducts that do not match the organization's mission and values.


Why Malawi was chosen at this time?

A humanitarian mission to the Ubuntu Nation refugee center in Malawi is much more than a charitable trip, it is a journey within yourself in its deepest meaning. The reception center was built next to a camp with 51,000 refugees from Congo, Burundi, and Rwanda. There are incredible stories of overcoming, union, and love, which are impossible to be described here.

By signing up, get ready for an experience that will change your life when in contact with the most suffering and the most beautiful of human beings. An ambiguity that enchants and excites.

I am because we are” is the Ubuntu philosophy. And that is why your help, coming straight from the heart, will be welcomed by all refugees who have been living in precarious conditions for more than 24 years, with little food and always keeping the hope of better days alive within them.

You are the hope!

What’s the main goal of this mission?

This Humanitarian Mission is the opportunity for our sponsors to learn about Fraternity Without Borders operations in Africa. Our sponsors in Canada will have the opportunity for the first time to be in a Humanitarian Mission guided by our organization in Canada and bring back to their homes the experience of fraternity.

Once we have the team formed, based on the volunteer skills and aspirations, we will plan the activities that will be performed in Malawi.


When is planned to happen? How long does it last?

The humanitarian mission will be from June 20th to 27th. The volunteers will arrive in Malawi in June 19th and depart in June 28th, 2022.

The costs described below will cover the 19th to the 28th of June. Early arrival and departure after these dates will be considered extra costs and responsibility of the participant.

The overland costs include land transportation, accommodation and food during the humanitarian mission period.

The costs of the overland part by the volunteer is US$560 (five hundred and sixty US dollars) and will be paid as follows:

  • US$60 deposit when registering with the humanitarian mission. The volunteer will only be considered confirmed after making this payment;
  • The remaining US$500 (five hundred US dollars) must be paid up to 15 days before the humanitarian mission (June 5th);
  • Doctors and dentists will have an additional cost. There is a US$200 (two hundred dollars) fee to the doctors' professional organization to work in Malawi, which must be paid up to 45 days before the start of the humanitarian mission.

In addition to these costs, you will also incur the flights costs. These costs are managed by the volunteer once to be part of the humanitarian mission. The soonest you decide, the cheaper is the price.

The PCR test in Malawi is around US$ 100. This amount need to be brought to Malawi in cash to pay for the return test.

Covid and the Humanitarian Mission

The pandemic has brought several lessons to all of us. One risk we run when traveling internationally is not being able to return because of testing positive for COVID. This risk must be measured by each volunteer and be part of the decision process to participate.

It is recommended that each volunteer has travel health insurance that covers COVID costs. In addition, you must consider the costs of accommodation, food, ticket exchange and test for return. Some insurances cover these costs, so please check what works best for you.

In case you cannot return, you may also have to take time off from work. So, consider the implications of this humanitarian mission on your return.

How can I be part of it?

The volunteer is very important for the FWB activities in the centers. This brings and demands from the volunteers an important responsibility, as it involves participating in the lives of people who are very vulnerable and who at some point were invisible. Therefore, for the volunteer’s purposes to be aligned with those of the FWB, it is essential that:


  1. To understand the purpose of participating in a humanitarian mission
  2. To apply the FWB's mission, vision, and values
  3. To research and connect with the place where you intend to carry out the volunteer activities;
  4. Understand that the volunteer's role is to work for a better world;
  5. Realize that FWB humanitarian mission are not intended for social tourism.


Once the mission and importance of the humanitarian mission is understood and reflected, the participant is ready to register. After that, just wait FWB to reach out to you and provide further details.

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