Fraternity without Borders - Canada (FWB-CA) is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization whose aim is towards solidarity, charity and, as the name of the organization implies, to promote universal fraternity.

In November of 2019, we were formally recognized as a non-profit organization, consolidating the work from many volunteers. We are currently in the process to become a registered charitable organization with CRA.

We operate in some of the poorest places on the planet – Madagascar, Malawi and Brazil, with the hope and strong desire to build a peaceful world, where the values of fraternity will be shared amongst all of us.

Our projects consist in providing access to education, food and water, professional development, and medical assistance. For more information, visit the project pages.


Encourage the practice of fraternity, with no geographic or religious restrictions, bringing people together to assist children in the most vulnerable places in the world.


Our goal is to “shake up the world” with the idea that millions of people, each helping a little, can end hunger and uphold the lives of families living in extreme poverty.

We want to encourage people with the confidence that it is possible, indeed, to make a better world: goodness only needs to act. This is the essential message of the FWB.



In Africa, we open and maintain shelters, where we offer food, hygiene care, pedagogical, cultural and vocational training. We support the elderly with food and housing construction. We are drilling artesian wells in African villages and, with the arrival of water, we started sustainable food cultivation, empowering young farmers and involving children in environmental education activities.

In Brazil, children diagnosed with a rare disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa receive special treatment and care at the NGO Garden of Butterflies in Caculé, Bahia. The disease that strikes the skin is severe, non-contagious and incurable, leaving wounds that are sensitive even to water. The Fraternity Without Borders-Canada (FWB-CA) has embraced this initiative to help maintain this work full of love and hope.


A calling from the heart 

Fraternity Without Borders was founded in Brazil after a calling from the heart. Wagner Moura, the founder, and president of FWB, was still a child when he found himself crying over the hunger in the world. That pain accompanied him through his youth and awakened in him the desire of helping those in need. As an adult, he began volunteering in unprivileged areas in his city, Campo Grande. However, that was not enough for him as Wagner wanted to do more for humanity, so he decided to go to Africa.

From those early days until today, a series of fortunate events have been leaving the hallmarks of fraternity and love in Africa, helping us build a better world.

FWB was brought to Canada in 2017 by the international relations director, Andrei Moreira, who visited the country and engaged fraternal hearts to the movement. The movement started with small initiatives to raise funds for the organization in Brazil.

On November 1st, 2019, FWB-CA was founded by a group of volunteers. Registered as a non-profit organization within Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. It is in the process to become a registered charity organization.


Marcio Lee