One-time donations help support the Fraternity Without Borders humanitarian projects. Any amount donated is very useful and it helps to make a better world.


Volunteer work is very rewarding. You can use your creativity for good, donating time, your talent and especially your love. Volunteers all over the world serve humanitarian work in different activities. They make bazaars, crafts, sew little dresses, translate texts, manage donations, transfer knowledge, offer workshops, produce videos, and much more...

Bewcome a volunteer and help us make the world a better and fraternal place for everyone!


You can help maintain and ensure the continuity of the humanitarian projects of Fraternity Without Borders, as a sponsor.

Sponsorship is a monthly donation of $20 or more for the purchase of food, health care, study, educational and cultural activities, professional training and also the structure and assembly of centers. The sponsor periodically receives information about the evolution of the projects, and can participate in caravans of volunteers to get to know the humanitarian work up close.

Choose the project that touches your heart and sponsor it. Together, we are stronger.



We are on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can help spread the word about our organization, our values, and the projects we support by sharing our posts, making a comment or simply like them. We can bring awareness to the humanitarian work, inviting everyone to work together for a better world.


Together with other volunteers, you will travel to one of the projects supported by Fraternity Without Borders. You will experience what Fraternity means to us and get to learn more about the project you will visit.


Holding an event helps to publicize the cause and also to raise funds for the projects. You can organize bazaars, charity promotions, use your creativity to bring people together and invite them to join the cause. If you like this idea, please contact us and we will inform you about some procedures and also see the best way to support your solidarity initiative.